Sunday, 8 January 2012

My 1st Post in 2012!

After my first trial in the blogging world, I have come to a final decision : to create a new blog for me and crafting. My first blog (blog alit was fun, but now that I have read more wonderful, breathtaking, cant-stop-reading blogs, I realized how unorganized mine was. And it's seem too much fuss to re-organize posts, labels, and stuff, so it just easier to create a new one. 
So to any of you who read, from the bottom of my heart, please receive my warm welcome to Crafty Luq!

My adventure in crafty land
Why Crafty Luq? Well, I love crafting and its look. Luq is my son's name. So, it's Crafty Luq afterall.
Creating things, at first to play with, when I was a little girl was my first experience in crafting. My parents got me this book, it is full of wonderful crafting projects, from papier-mache, card-making (which I made every year in high school, sent out to my whole classmates), collecting leaves, rocks, and sea-shells, and making dolls. And I tried almost every project out of a hundred projects in the book.
My mother always love crafting, she always eager to try new things. She can sew, crochet, embroidery, making bead bags and recently learning ribbon-embroidery and bead jewellery making. Isn't she wonderful or what? 
I learn many of my crafting skills from her, and also get her hardly-finish-any-projects habit. Hahaha... But lately, I create so many things (so proud of me!) that I never thought I would before. 
After successfully overcoming my fear of sewing machine, my crafting speed increase incredebly, and I even finished a beautiful blouse, from this book "Asyiknya Menjahit" by Tatiana Vidi, you can see her page in facebook here
It only took one day, my new year eve's and day to finished that blouse. I'll post pics later.
Right now, I am enjoying making stuffs for my 5 year old son, Luq, for Papa Luq, and gifts for family and friends. Papa Luq always encourage me to make things for sale, and this blog is my first step to  marketing. But, that's for later post, since it's Luq's bedtime, I need to do some housework before I get too sleepy :)

Nice to meet you, everybody!
Lita a.k.a Mama Luq